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Lifeline of Rheinhessen, the Rhein River shapes the countryside. It runs between Worms and Mainz, mighty and broad. For more than 100 years, Rhein River kilometer 482 has been the place of origin of the unique wines of LOUIS GUNTRUM. Also home to the family since Louis Jean George Guntrum relocated LOUIS GUNTRUM Estate to Nierstein in 1909. He was fascinated by the pristine location on the river, which combined natural beauty and useful infrastructure in the early 20th century as much as today. The history of LOUIS GUNTRUM is intrinsically tied to the Rhein River. Today, the river is our inspiration for a new chapter in our family history – km482®!

Rhein River kilometer zero is at the Rhein bridge in the city of Konstanz at Lake Constanz. As of here, the Rhein River is navigable and runs until KM 1036 at Hoek van Holland, where it flows into the North Sea.


The Romans introduced viticulture to the Rhein River region. Then as today, grapes and wine are a pure product of nature. Since 2000 years and for many generations to come, nature is our invaluable production partner. We depend on sunshine, clouds, wind, and rain. It is our utmost responsibility to protect soil, water and air. We owe this to our children. In great awareness of this obligation, we farm sustainable and in harmony with nature – we return to our vineyards that which we have drawn from them, we maintain the natural balance of our soils. No more, no less. Only a nature in balance – over generations – provides the basis for unique, outstanding wines.


Rheinhessen is the most innovative wine growing region in Germany. The remarkable diversity of its different regions as well as the Rhein River as its lifeline provide new stimuli again and again. For LOUIS GUNTRUM the Rhein River is home and has been an inseperable part of its history. From the first glance in the morning to the last glimpse at night, the Rhein River is always around. Rhein kilometer 482 provides a taste of Nierstein and our passion for wine. The unique terroir of Rheinhessen as well as the microclimate along the Rhein river have inspired us to create km482®.


„Rheinhessen“ is synonymous for wine and enjoyment alike. „Weinfest“ is almost part of our daily life, socialising surrounded by good food and outstanding wines is an important part of our culture. km482® is all about unpretentious enjoyment. Each wine is a landmark example of its kind and represents the various characteristics of Rheinhessen.

km482® Dry Riesling is all about freshness, crisp and aromatic and the 21st century interpretation of the longtime classic Riesling. km482® Riesling actually is the longtime, yet ageless classic. Fruity, lasting and with great balance it is the perfect companion for (almost) every time of the day. km482® Red Wine combines a dense colour with a lot of yummy fruit and serves well slightly chilled even during the summer months.

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km482® Riesling


100% Riesling – the best white grape variety in the World due to its unique combination of flavours and vivid natural acidity, km482® Riesling aromatic white wine is the perfect aperitif as well as food companion. Always keep a chilled bottle of km482® RIESLING in your fridge.

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km482® Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling

Crisp, aromatic and dry, km482® Riesling is the contemporary interpretation of Riesling. A delightful drink as much as a perfect pairing with any kind of seafood or fish, Schnitzel, veal, pasta or salad. Always keep a chilled bottle of km482® DRY RIESLING in your fridge.

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km482® Red Wine

Red Wine

100% Dornfelder – indigenous German red grape variety, providing smooth yet rich flavours of red fruits and soft tannins. Enjoy km482® RED slightly chilled with chips and cheese or as a companion to your main course of pasta or meat.

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